Get to Know Greenleaf

Skin by Greenleaf, established in 2006 we are a leading provider of paramedical skin services in Ashburton and surrounding suburbs. Our main focus is exceptional client care and achieving phenomenal results for our clients in a friendly and relaxing environment.

We set educational standards at the very highest quality to ensure consistent results and providing expert advice, with clients leaving satisfied with the results they are seeking every time without exception. 


Meet Chau – Skin Therapist and Founder of Skin by Greenleaf.

Chau has been in the beauty industry for over 24 years (since 1998) and has a deep passion for treating skin and helping clients achieve their dream skin for long term results. Chau has acquired two Diplomas in Beauty Therapy from renowned Beauty Therapy College, Elly Lukas and an internationally recognised ITEC (International Therapy Examination Council) Diploma – which meets stringent international standards, setting a benchmark for therapists to be at consistent high standards worldwide. Along with other credentials such as her Laser Safety courses, Chau has attained many other training qualifications throughout her career including independent skin courses and Paramedical skin treatment trainings to keep feeding her interest for treating skin.

Chau’s passion for skin stems from her own skin struggles throughout her teenage years with acne. Back then, it was hard to find the support and guidance she needed for homecare and treatments. Between using heavy makeup to cover up and clogging her pores; skincare that stripped her barrier; and a series of medications, there was nothing she could do to stop her acne. Chau attended a Catholic girl high school and going through her teenage years was nicknamed ‘Pizza Face’ which didn’t help her with her confidence or dealing with her struggles with acne.

Chau’s interest for skin and beauty expanded throughout University, where she landed her dream job as a Counter Manager for Lancome and Chanel in glamorous department stores. But while she loved doing basic facials, makeup and giving beauty advice, she knew she wanted to help people more with their skin concerns. She was offered an opportunity to become a Skin Specialist for Chanel but opted to pursue a career in clinical skin treatments instead. So, from a double Degree in Marketing and International Trade, Chau switched gears to pursue a Diploma in Beauty Therapy and never looked back. Her dream was to start her own skin clinic to help others who have skin issues like she did and provide them with life-changing results and giving them their confidence back – that in itself is rewarding for Chau. As experienced first-hand, Chau believes that we do not have to accept the skin that we were born with, it is possible to change our skin’s fate.

Skin by Greenleaf invites you to experience their expertise in their welcoming, friendly and relaxing clinic space.

Most people have often asked where the name Greenleaf originated. 

Greenleaf Beauty started in 2006. After days of brainstorming, Chau struggled to find a business name that fully embodied her skin-first approach. But the day she went to register the business, things clicked in. Greenleaf Beauty was named after the location where the business started – from home in Greenleaf Court. ‘Greenleaf’ also embodied green, fresh, natural – reflecting aspects of beauty. With no social media for market exposure, it was all word-of-mouth referrals and as a professionally setup home business, Greenleaf Beauty was often featured in local council writeups and soon after, Greenleaf Beauty’s skin reputation was on local residents’ lips. The business grew and it was time to move into a larger premises to cater for her growing clientele following. 

Greenleaf Beauty moved into their current location in Kingsclere Shopping Centre in 2013. Greenleaf has built their reputation through the trust of clients who love coming to them for their friendly, personal and honest approach. Aside from these qualities, the business grew and they were increasingly known for their quality skin treatments and results, it was time for Greenleaf Beauty to ‘turn over a new leaf’. They hit the refresh button and rebranded to Skin by Greenleaf to embody what they do best, and that is treating skin and achieving life changing results for their clients for over 16 years (and counting!). They’ve evolved throughout the years, but their goal remains the same: To help their clients achieve and maintain their dream skin for long term results. 

Chau leads a team of Paramedical Skin Therapists who are not only friendly but passionate – providing expert advice and using the latest medical equipment on offer to help clients achieve their skin goals. Chau and her team are continually upskilling and keeping up-to-date with the latest innovations and technologies to provide their clients with the best aesthetic treatments on offer.

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