NanoFusion is a unique treatment that has 81 patented, microscopic silicone pyramids made from pharmaceutical-grade which create a short-term opening of the stratum corneum.

The NanoFusion treatment is a non-invasive, effective and comfortable treatment with no downtime, great for those who cannot get skin needling done (due to medical conditions or they do not like the idea of needles) as this treatment doesn’t puncture the skin. Equivalent to a 0.25 needling depth to elevate all skin concerns, there is no bleeding and no risk of infection, thus making NanoFusion a safer and enjoyable treatment.

NanoFusion achieves remarkable results by opening nanoscale channels in the skin for around 15 minutes – allowing increased skin penetration and improved absorption rate of active ingredients as well as delivering them to the right location within the skin, maximising and optimizing your skin rejuvenation results. This unique treatment helps improve the skin by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing the skin’s texture & tone, decreasing pigmentation and sunspots, diminishing acne and providing luminosity to the skin. Combined with proprietary massage and vibration properties, NanoFusion amplifies skin rejuvenation by inducing collagen synthesis and skin healing.




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