Intrigued by the results you can expect with one of our treatments? Here’s what we did for some of our recurring clients.


Maree was concerned about hyper-pigmentation and age spots on her cheeks. We prepped her skin with a series of customised Exfoliation, Enzyme Therapy, Omnilux LED Light Therapy for collagen stimulation and skin healing, and then the Pigment Peel to treat her pigmentation. Her skin is now more even, with refined pores and reduced fine lines. she no longer requires to wear heavy makeup to cover up her pigmentation. 

“I have been happily attending Greenleaf for several years. The therapists all have a deep knowledge of skin care and appropriate treatments are extensive. I get fantastic results for my skin!!  They advise and guide me on home management of my skin care routine, which in turn gets the best results. The staff at Greenleaf ensures every appointment is a wonderful experience with great outcomes”.


Maree W. with Enzyme Therapy, LED, Pigment Peel.

Karen had ongoing concerns around Rosacea. Treating this type of skin condition is complex as it is both an external and internal issue. We looked at lifestyle factors like diet (what foods trigger flare ups) and worked on her internal health with skin supplements. We did a series of Enzyme Therapy treatments like Red Vein Treatment to help kill the mites that come with rosacea – this increases oxygenation to the skin but also strengthens her skin and capillary walls. Omnilux LED treatments also helped to help kill bacteria, reduce inflammation within the skin, and also aid in circulation & oxygenation. Karen was also on strict homecare prescribed for her skin condition.

“I have been going to Skin by Greenleaf for facials and treatments for just on 8 years now and whilst I have aged my skin has not.The entire team of technicians are extremely talented and professional and I enjoy the spa like environment. I always enjoy the welcome I receive on arrival and their intuitive knowledge of what my skin requires. I have recommended many of my friends to Chau and her team and will continue to do so. A very happy client!”

Karen K. with Enzyme Therapy + Red Vein Treatment, Omnilux LED. 


Kelly’s main concerns were uneven skin texture and hyper-pigmentation due to sun exposure. We achieved her results with a series of peels combined with Enzyme Therapy, Omnilux LED and then Skin Needling to break up stubborn pigment and for aging concerns (pores, fine lines, firmness). Of course, we prescribed customised homecare specifically for Kelly to maintain her skin at home and to further her results but to step her up to advanced treatments like Skin Needling.

“I’ve been a regular client of Greenleaf for a number of years. The girls have magic hands and has completely transformed my skin. There is no place I trust more, not only with treatment but guidance on my overall skin quality and health. Their advice is always honest and I trust their expertise explicitly.”


Kelly W. with Peels + Enzyme Therapy, Omnilux LED, Skin Needling

John came to us with concerns for sun damage and aging concerns. John’s work involves working outdoors majority of the time. John’s skin barrier was very dry and impaired due to misuse of products and not being consistent with sunscreen. We did a series of Enzyme Therapy to restore his impaired barrier combined with LED to stimulate collagen production and promote healing as his skin was very inflamed. We then proceeded with RP (Remodelling Procedure) – a multi-layer peel that will rebuild his skin and promote new collagen for a firmer, brighter skin – like knocking down the old foundation to build new scaffolding for the skin!

“Thank you to Danielle & Chau my skin has never looked better! Skin by Greenleaf are a fantastic clinic from the first time I entered the clinic. I was greeted with a smile we sat down and went over my concerns with my skin. I started treatment straight away. Their professionalism and knowledge of products was outstanding it made feel I was in good hands. I’m so happy with the results so far and looking forward to on-going treatments!”

John Richardson with Enzyme Therapy, Omnilux LED, RP (Remodelling Procedure). 


Anh’s skin presented as a combination of hormonal and long-term sun-induced hyper-pigmentation. We achieved her dramatic results with some Enzyme Therapy, Omnilux LED and when her skin barrier was strengthened, we completed her treatment with the Pigment Peel.  Hormonal pigmentation is complex due to fluctuating hormones and lifestyle factors. We are so pleased with the 90% reduction of pigment overall, not to mention the softening of pores and fine lines too! Patience is key when treating pigmentation!

“No words…I am over the moon with the results achieved – thank you Chau! My skin looks so much more even and more radiant – I’ve never had so many people ask what treatments I had for my skin – even strangers when I’m eating out! I’ve had comments from family members that I look years younger too – which is a bonus! I now know the importance of looking after my skin to keep it at its best thanks to the girls at Greenleaf for their expertise and guidance.”


Anh N. with Exfoliation + Enzyme Therapy, Omnilux LED, Pigment Peel

Client’s main concern was hyper-pigmentation and dreamt of not having to wear heavy makeup to cover up her uneven skin tone. We started her skin journey with EFA’s to help keep her skin at its best for treatments. We did a series of Enzyme Therapy with LED, Skin Needling for aging concerns and Pigment Peel to shift the pigmentation. Our client was on a strict prescribed homecare for the treatments and as maintenance to prevent the pigment from returning. She loves the Pigment Peel so much that she does it once a year to maintain as it’s a full skin rejuvenation without having to do any heat-based treatments.

Treatments: Enzyme Therapy, Omnilux LED, Pigment Peel. 


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